Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dunlop Customs

Well here is some more pictures of my frame Brock of dunlop customs is fixing. I guess there is some frame builders out there that shouldnt be in the welding and fab game. Lucky for me I got some homies with some skills !

Friday, January 30, 2015

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Indian Larry

Indian larry only built one FXR, Here it is. Hands down the best fxr going !

Hard Life

Peter gunz bike the Slum Slut. 113 CI S&S evo motor in a 4 speed shovelhead swingarm frame with a close ratio 4 speed ratchet top transmission. No bullshit fast and light !

Genny Shov From Japo land !

Im a big fan of what these Japanese guys build !

Nice Pan !

Front end

Got the front end built! 2000 and later lowers with HD,Brembo calipers, Steel braided lines, Forking by franks 10 over tubes, 8 " risers with sportster bars !

FXR and Jordans !

High neck FXR with Air Jordans. Legit !

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dunlop Customs

Good bud Brock at Dunlop customs in Tempe AZ is fixing my frame for me. He is making a new front portion, Here is the Neck he machined today. If your looking for an honest welder and machinist and frame guy in AZ check him out Here is a sweet FXR he built for a customer!

Hardlife Bikes

Hard Life Bikes BK,NY No nonsense purpose built machines. This is a real northeast/NYC built bikes. No bullshit, no period correct, no 1000$ jeans, No hipsters, not nuthin !Gangster shit !

Hardlife Bikes

Sal owner/builder of hard life bikes Brooklyn NY, Pulling 12'0clocks on his evo chopper. This man builds some serious machines.

Animals MC

Heres a cool chop, From Animals MC


Saturday, January 24, 2015


My buddy Pinero from Mayhem street riders MC of el paso, TX. came to phoenix to visit. We were Both Sgt's in the army together. I went on a lot of wild adventures with this man ! Great dude. Amazing motorcycle rider!

Jeff Wright COC

I have been a fan since day one !

Smooth Engineering

My friend chopper Ed of smooth engineering is building a swingarm panshov long bike!

Pat Kennedy Motor

C&L hogshop

Pinners Event

Here is about the only picture I had taken at pinners fundraiser event. Me and Jerry, No body can crew !

Evo motor

If your looking for a evo motor, We got a fresh built one, put together. Hit me up !

Thursday, January 22, 2015


A good friend, HP from Germany sent me an Email for the Holidays. For some reason I didnt see it in my inbox till today. He sent me this cool picture of him and his Beautiful family at the William Wallace tower in Scotland.

Marcus's Cone shovel

My long time childhood friend Marcus in Portland has finished his super sweet cone shovelhead chopper. This thing is on point !