Monday, July 29, 2013


Not much Going on here in Phoenix, Hot as fuck! You really have to man up to ride in the day. School has taken up all my time. On the other hand my German Brothers are making the best out of there short summer. Aykut finely gave one to the man and is off of punishment and can ride again! Cheers. And the Rogues MC from Holland came down for a visit. I would kill for a nice cool ride in the Forest's of Germany right about now! Starting to plan a German trip Real soon.

Monday, July 22, 2013


My Club brother Oli just changed up his shovel. Looks real nice ! This bike is a true ripper !


Well Phoenix has been awesome! Well I haven't even rode my shovelhead and figured out why it was puking oil out he crankcase breather. A Key wasn't in the return side gear in my oil pump! Happy I torn it down and fixed it. Could have blown my motor to pieces ! And I went to Scott H Biram the other night and raged out !

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


If your in Europe check out some up coming shows. I went to stoned from the underground 2 years ago. It was awesome ride your bikes out and party if your there !

Monday, July 1, 2013

Veronica saving my ass in the desert !

Almost home 60 miles from PHX Super E went out ! Veronica and Zue saved my ass in my old 72 FORD.

Presi's EVO Build !

Well I don't Have much to post up about Born Free 5. I Rode out a crossed 2 Deserts from Phoenix to Cali. Partied hard for a night saw some cool bikes and rode home. 60 Miles outside PHX my FXR went down. Instead of wrenching I called my Wife to Grab the ford and Come Pick me up. Besides from meeting a bunch of up tight douches. It was nice to get back in the saddle and put down some miles. Times like this make me miss Germany and Miss true brothers. With that being said Here is some pics of Presi's EVO sporty that him and Jorg are putting together.