Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So a few weeks ago my German brothers converged on Landstuhl to greet me a farewell from Deutschland. Jorg, Presi, H.P, Marcus and Dirty harry came out to party one last time in my neck of the woods. It has been a great time here in Germany, And I have a strong feeling I might call this my home one day. I know that I have Brothers here In RHC and CCC! You guys are True brothers and True bikers. No bullshit attitude's or Rock star statue's. You are always welcomed in my house where ever I'm at. This also Extends to Udo of US custom Bikes and Butcher 1000 hills Run. All you guys have showed me nothing but Respect and friendship in your awesome country ! RHC 4 Life!

Ghetto Blaster !

A few weeks ago I dropped by Uwe's shop Ghetto Blasters. This shop is a piece of chopper history in Germany. Uwe has been importing Harley's from the US since the 80's. When the huge Evo/softail crazy happened this man was buying up all of the pans, shovels and most importantly Knuckleheads In the united states!. So much rare chopper part spread through out his huge shop that's is in a section of a German power plant. All I have to say is this shop is legit. A man that owns 8 Knuckles is in this shit for life! Very happy to meet him and have him let me get a good look at his shop! Check him out here : http://www.ghettoblasters.de


Some Dudes FXR's PowerPlant! I like it !

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Paris & Rome !

Did some more tripping, To Paris & Rome. Great Times, Partied hard hung with some friends and made some new ones. Epic Times !

High On Fire

Hey I went High on Fire the other Night in Wiesbaden, Totally Cool. They played a lot of jams from the Art of self Defense. and Some others from Surrounded by thieves. Good Times but shitty beers !

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Movers are coming today wrapping up my time here in Europe. Just got back from a crazy weekend in Rome ! Paris next weekend followed by Amsterdam then Its off to Old Baltimore Maryland !

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Getting Close

Well I did as much as I can do, Before the movers come on Monday. Still need To bolt up some controls. Run a brake line and brake switch. Run wires and get the tank painted. Belt drive is on but Having some alignment issues. Probably going to have to pull it once I get to Phoenix and try to trouble shoot.