Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sprocket shaft seal and spacer !

Pulled the old sprocket shaft seal out of my shovel. Was worried crank bearing was shot thought that's what was causing the oil leak from the sprocket shaft. But what I found was a dried up shitty seal and a spacer that needed to be replaced. Whoever did the belt drive on this thing years ago. Put the seal in backwards and was rough as shit on the spacer. I bet that thing never held oil. As far as the bearing goes.Its looks good. End play is good. Crank is solid. Looks like I wont have to fuck with the bottom end!
Cool shovel from Japan!

Friday, September 21, 2012

This record was the jam for hours of hand polishing heads, crankcase and rocker box covers !

VW bike hauler !

Well My air compressor was not enough for the primary, So I had to Load the shovelhead up in the VW and take it to the hobby center. Veronica was skeptical, But thanks to Sigmon we got that bitch in there! took all of 5 mins!

Monday, September 17, 2012

1000 Hills Run 2012

1000 hills run. Hands down a rad time. Butcher threw one hell of a party. Awesome bikes awesome people, 20 euro all you can drink and eat. Weather was nice. Everyone got good and pissed. Butchers band rocked it out. Some couple wanted my Born loser shirt so I gave them it ! Overall got to meet some real solid people. Had a blast and figured out were all the Panheads went in America. I think everyone rode one!
Picked up the shovel from Port last Friday. Busy day woke up at 2am on Friday drove with Sigmon 5+ hours to Bremen for the shipping company to jerk me around.But home around 9 pm, Tried to get the old girl running, Burned up the shitty old wiring. Now I'm going to tear the whole thing done and figure what direction I'm going to go with it! I have tons of stock FLH parts for sale off this beast so if anyone for any strange reason wants Land yacht parts hit me up!

Monday, September 10, 2012


First off I'm going to start off by saying what an awesome Weekend. My day started with me leaving out the village in Landstuhl on sat morning. Weather was one of the nicest days in Germany hands down since I got here over 2 years ago.I took my time riding down A6 just enjoying the scenery and nice day. Ran into some problems in Mannheim. Traffic got crazy I missed my Exit and everything went to shit with my route plan. But just like the army I just rolled with it. Pulled out a map and did some land Nav. What was a 2 1/2 hour ride turned into a 6 hour trek. Cant really complain weather was very nice and the landscape was amazing. Got to my destination, around 5pm ish! With the help from the cell phone and a call to Jorg! When I first left in the morning I was going to ride back that night to catch Veronica's Roller Derby match against Antwerp. Needless to say after pulling into the party I knew I wasn't going anywhere. As soon as I rode in I was greeted by awesome people and Awesome bikes. It was great to see all the different old Irons and some New, Lots of different styles all cool. Great night filled with boozed, good tunes, Good Chili, good conversations and GREAT PEOPLE, Thanks Jorg, Frank and the rest of the red hill choppers, CCC and Butcher. Had a blast!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Busy Day !

Some how I'm doing both of these events in one day! should be interesting!