Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My brain is done, Got roped into being the HazMat Certifier. FML! I'm sick of seeing all this shit !

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Phoenix AZ, I lived here When I was a teenager for about a year, Then moved back to the east coast. Now after all these years I'm moving back there again for a while, After my service.


The Flathead that Joe Lingley of Righteouscycle built for born free. The engraving was done by CJ Allan, Very nice machine Watched this video and looked at many of the pictures of this bike. A lot of great detail was taken, I can really respect that.
More CJ Allan Engraving, Great artist.


Today is the birthday of an amazing Human being that I am proud to have served In the United States Army with. You were a Great person and one of my brothers. You were taken too early, But you impacted so many people in such short time on this earth. I love and miss you brother Until we meet again in Valhalla. Happy birthday!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Growing up in the northeast, These style of bikes have appealed to me since my teenage years. Functional machines, With great mechanical looks. No nonsense style of bikes. These machines just look like what Agnostic front's cause for alarm album or CRO-MAGS age of quarrel sounds like. These from a lot of old pictures i have been finding via internet and saving on my hard drive.
My mile pound'er!


If I did not join the Army and was still playing in bands these would be the bad chads I would be rocking !


Nice guy that is running this event check it out if your in Europe.


Going to ride the shovel to this one if its solid enough!


LOUIE FALCIGNO Has built some awesome machines!